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Page history last edited by Ryland Wall 2 years, 1 month ago

Welcome to Mr. Wall's Advanced World History Website



This is a website for the students and parents of the 6th Grade Advanced World History class at McKinley Middle Magnet School






Here is a blank World Map you can use to study for continents and oceans quiz: World map C and O - Aug 13 2018 - 10-21 AM.pdf

Here are some video songs I promised in class:



Letter to Parents: Letter to Parents.docx This letter was given on the first day of class, and the second page should be signed and returned to Mr. Wall on August 13 or 14.


Advanced World History Syllabus:18-19 1st Nine Weeks Syllabus 6th Grade.docx



Open House Information:


Email: rwall1@ebrschools.org

Google Classroom Codes: Please sign up using your ebr username followed by @ebrschools.org. Sign up for the class period you take World History.

  • 2A-c4ar2q

  • 4A- j9k87xq

  • 5A- 8342iz

  • 2B- mhqpen

  • 4B- w2qpbs

  • 5B- tekn6qg

  Materials needed for Advanced World History:


-1" 3-Ring Binder

-2 Tab Dividers

-Looseleaf Paper

-Pencils and Pens

-Access to technology at home--Very important as most schoolwork and homework will be given online.


 More info will be posted to this website on the first day of school.







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